About Us
Anil Badkar Architects is a multidisciplinary Architectural & Interior Designing firm established since 1982, headed by Architect Anil Badkar and managed by hard core professional people who are striving for excellence in Architectural and Interior field. So far we have completed more than 500 projects in India and Abroad to the utmost satisfaction of our client.
Each project is handled with extreme care and in details and the solution for each project is specifically need based and innovative and no design is repeated again. Each design is created specifically as per each client's requirements and is worked out in details with excellent and high level finishes and to International quality. Many of our customers are repeat customers there by proving that the clients are extremely satisfied with our work and service.

  • Completed more than 500 projects.
  • Excellent track record of projects all over India.
  • Reputation built over 33 Years
  • State of the art Design and Drawing facilities.
  • Excellent working relations with top consultants in construction and interior design Industry.
  • Very well experienced team of contractors for fast execution of project.
  • The firm follows latest design trends.
  • Impressive client list.
  • Strategic tie ups with leading services providers in India.


Our concepts are original in nature and each projects solution is worked out separately with fresh application of mind to a design solution suitable to that particular problem keeping in mind the specific needs of the project and client and budget constraints. Special attention is paid to each and every small detail and drawings are prepared explaining all the details properly so that the team working on site has no problem in understanding the same. We take full responsibility to complete the project within a given time frame and budget and at the same time achieving a high level of aesthetics.